Jan 12, 2019
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What kind of Sissy will you be?

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You have your daily routine down and you have a nice supply of Sissy toys and clothes. You are well on your way to being the Sissy you long to be.

But really what kind of sissy do you want to be? You could be a Sissy Slut, a Sissy Slave, a Cuckold Sissy, or even a Sissy Maid. It’s important you know the difference because you might get into a situation you were not expecting.

I am going to try to explain the differences. This is not an introductory article for any lifestyle, it is all fantasy based. Anything written below cannot be taken seriously or guidance of any sort.

Sissy slut

Sissy slut is rather easy to explain. In general, a sissy slut will be unmarried.

A sissy slut likes to dress provocatively in short frilly skirts and thigh high stockings and a cute top that makes her breasts look great.

A sissy will go out looking for sex at local bars glory holes and cruising sites she finds on the internet.

As all sissy’s a Sissy slut is not allowed to say no. She will have sex with any and all people that show an interest. Often a Sissy Slut will wear a choker that says “Slut” to help create that interest.

This is one of the more dangerous ways to be a sissy. Not only might you get beat up because you have more parts than the average girl but the chance of getting a disease is increased with this lifestyle.

If you decide this is the sissy life you want we recommend that you start on Prep as soon as possible.

PrEP means Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, and it’s the use of anti-HIV medications to keep HIV negative people from becoming infected. PrEP is approved by the FDA and has been shown to be safe and effective at preventing HIV infection.

But I will also tell you like I tell all sissy’s, Be proud be happy and most of all be you. I personally don’t like the word Slut. Only because people like to fuck and people just need to get over it and stop trying to come up with a derogatory word to call these people.

One last thing is to be safe, Don’t go out alone if you don’t have too.

Sissy Whore.

A Sissy whore is a lot like a Sissy slut with the biggest exception is that she will only have sex if there is money involved. But if there is money involved than the sissy will do anything the paying customer request.

Most Sissy Whores have a pimp of some sort. You might start out independent but if you are taking customers away from the local pimp he/she will find you.

There are legal brothels but in America, they are limited to Nevada and it is going to be really hard to get hired if you do not have a vagina. But it can be done.

In late November 2009, the state granted a one-time waiver to the Shady Lady Ranch that would require regular urethral examinations for male employees in place of cervical exams. The waiver also required male prostitutes to wear a condom, as is required for male patrons.

Source: abcnews

Most brothels have two ways to work. You can be a life in or a visiting whore.

Either way, you are required to pay a day rate for the room and a small fee that covers all the food you care to eat for the day. The food is rather good and the same food customers get.

If you live in you are required to work 12-hour shifts and the girls that have been there the longest get the best shifts unless you develop a clientele that requests you during certain times. Due to the need to build a report with customers, an average live in whore will see 6 or fewer clients in a single day.

The good part is that you set your rates so if you think you are worth a million dollars you can charge that. There has been more than one whore in Nevada that has asked and received this amount of money. Granted it was a party but how many cocks would you service in twelve hours if you knew you were getting 500K when you were done.

You only get 500K because the brothel gets half of whatever you make.

I do think Sissy Whore is the best type of Sissy for staying happy and proud. How hard would it be to hold your head up high when people actually pay for the privilege of you giving them an orgasm.

Yup getting paid, having protection and a place to live with food provided and all you have to do is make people orgasm? Hell yes, sign this Sissy up.

Cuckold Sissy

If you have a willing partner being a Cuckold Sissy might just be the most fun of all the Sissy’s.

You might find a surprising number of wives are willing to explore the lifestyle. Not all get into it because they are not ready to dominate you but if you find the right Bull he can teach her how to properly use a cuckold sissy.

The fun parts come in when you and your wife get each other ready to go out. If she has a date or is just going out trolling for cock you should be fully fem as well.

The hard part is that the Cuckold Sissy will also have to endure the most humiliation of all most all the sissy’s.

Just imagine you are out at the bar with your wife and she is picking up and a very masculine man who outweighs you by a hundred pounds even though he doesn’t have an ounce of fat on him.

She is chatting and flirting with him when she turns to you and says “No this is my husband right here he won’t mind.”

Suddenly this Adonis of a man sees you and breaks out into laughter. “This little bitch here is your husband? No wonder you are out looking for real men. Guys hey guys come here. You have got to see this. Look, this little sissy bitch is her husband.”

After hearing every joke possible about you being a sissy and how much your wife needs a real cock your wife makes you show the crowd of men your pink cock cage.

I don’t think I can explain why but I love this part of being a Cuckold sissy. Having the wife tell her friends about you and then the friends catch you alone and ask to see your pink cage. You’re a sissy and you never say no, so show off that cage.

Then when your wife is ready to go she has the big guy come to your house. If he is a proper Bull he should make you compare size with him so you know why your wife needs him and not you.

If he is a proper bull he should make you watch and call you names while he fucks your wife. He should also encourage your wife to say humiliating things to you while she is getting fucked.

Things like “Oh! My God! His cock is so much bigger than yours!” “It sure is nice to get fucked by a real man for once.” and my all-time favorite. “Cum in me! Oh God dump your seed deep inside of me.”

That last statement is usually followed shortly by. “Sissy you better lick that cum out of me before I get pregnant or you are going to be raising someone else’s child.”

This would be a good time to get in touch with your bisexual side. Because it would be customary for the Cuckold Sissy to clean his wife off the Bulls cock using only your mouth.

Then a proper Bull will send you to sleep in the other room while he spends the night with your wife in his arms.

Sissy Maid

This is where you have to be careful. Not knowing the difference between a Sissy Maid and a Sissy Slave can have serious consequences.

A Sissy Maid cooks and cleans as well as provides sexual favors when asked. If you are a Sissy Maid and your Owner has a Sissy Slave odds are you won’t be having much sex. More than likely you will be having sex with the Sissy Slave as entertainment more than you will have sex with your owner.

Let us take the situation where there were two advertisements online, one for a Sissy Slave and one for a Sissy Maid. Not really knowing any better you picked the Maid application and got hired on.

The day you show up at the correct time at the correct address you see another Sissy show up. She is also dressed in a Maids uniform like you are.

You look shyly at each other as you both reach to ring the bell at the same time. You decide to ring the bell together. You can’t help but notice how cute she is.

When the door opens your new Master’s stand there looking disapprovingly. They ask you both your names as they motion you to come in.

They look at the other Sissy and say, “I guess you answered the wrong advertisement young lady. You are not the maid. Get those clothes off now.”

The other sissy strips down naked and your Masters tell you to put a fluorescent pink cock cage on her. When she is all secure Master tells Mistress to show you where the cleaning supplies are. Then he grabs the other Sissy by the hair and drags her off down the hallway.

You have a full day of cooking and cleaning ahead so you don’t have time to worry about anything but what you have been told to do.

There you looking at an advertisement on the internet wondering if people actually advertise for Sissy’s. Then you find an ad that looks either sissy maid or sissy slave.

You have never seen any similar ads so you applied vigorously: “I can be either a sissy maid or sissy slave. I am really good cleaning maid, I have all the costumes and I will follow the instructions. I am a well-behaved sissy girl, clean and shaved. Please consider my application, I want to give full control over myself to you”

You got the position but they never said if you were a Maid or a Slave. When you arrived there was another sissy in a maids uniform. You both rang the bell together and you felt a little something when your eyes met.

Once you were in the house Masters told you to strip naked and they had the other Sissy put a bright Florescent Pink cock cage on you. Now when you are all secure the Master grabs you by the hair and drags you down the hallway to a Domination room. Now your Master will lock in in chains. He will make you a submissive sissy boy and tells you cannot leave domination room before you are a sex-addicted sissy slave. This is where you will be transformed into obedient sex worker, even if it takes years.

First, the master will set up a fuck machine to fuck you for 24 hours. He will leave you alone in the room. You are still in chastity and chains. After 24 hours your Master comes back and see you having ejaculated so much that even your face is covered with cum. Your ass is so wet and fuck machine is still penetrating you at full power.

Now, Master will see that you are a perfect candidate and will bring the biggest toy to permanently penetrate your ass hole so you are able to fit any sized cocks.

Remember, becoming a sissy slave will takes months, if not years. So be prepared to complete any task your master gives you.

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