Aug 27, 2018
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Welcome… to Sissy-Central

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Hello The wait is finally over! Sissy-Central is LIVE!!! And  we are ready to tame, train and chain you naughty little Sissy sluts.
We realised that to to really give you all what you want and crave so very much, one site wouldn’t be enough. What we are bringing is a whole new methodology, a way of life where sissy-sluts and slaves are taught their place and released from the shackles and stigma that comes with living a lie. Its time to stop pretending that you measure up to other men – because you DONT!
Its time to take those trousers off and put on a dress. Maybe being a maid suits you or maybe you’ve already  accepted that your a slut. Either way we are here to help you find that girl inside and set her free.
Its time to release the bitch! But remember sissy’s that Sissy-Central is not all about you. It takes two to tango and sometimes three, four, five, six…. You get the picture?Magnet Download
Right so there are lots of Dommes, just waiting for a sissy like you. Maybe they have a real man or maybe they just wanna be the one thats fucking a bitch for a change. Maybe its a way of life for them and maybe they wont stop until your down on your knees sucking cock.
But thats a long way off right? For the passing ‘male’ with an interest in sissification who wants to get off and not much else  why not start with our tube site , its just a harmless bit of female domination. Whats the worse that could happen? Then maybe find out about our own iron woman and queen of the land of sissy-central Goddess-Xena. She can be found at , no doubt terrorising some quivering sissy  even as we talk! Xena will be on hand to give you advice and help you adjust and better understand the trials and tribulations of sissy life. Dear-Xena will be launching within the next few days so keep an eye out for her Sissy-Central’s very own agony domme!
If your feeling adventerous then maybe head straight to . Imagining yourself in the part of the sissy sucking cock on filis everything that your inner slut  needs to help with these tentative baby steps of exploration. And why not delve deeper and explore the site entrance at which is where we collect and colatte the best that all our sites have to offer, adult movies, articles, news, views and girly guides.
Inevitable though, if your more expierenced you will find yourself at . This is a twisted facebook, allowing you to can connect with like minded deviants that share your deepest darkest desires for degrading, devilish debortuary, defilement and demasculinisation. Where groups and forums exist for every aspect of the sissy lifestyle. If your brave enough, you can submit true tales, confessions, advice and even your flights of fantasy. Anyone can contribute to Sissy-Central, either through written text or posting your your most intimate pics and vid’s. The platform was made for you so use it!
For the more extreme exhibitions with a love of humiliation we have . Where yes we will make you famous. We can even proviude you with your own PRINTED SISSY ID CARD either to your spec or one of our own official SC ones for PAID MEMBERS of course. This certainly inst the sue Ryder shop darlings.
If you need a little mental push then we even have our very own Hypno-miss to reprogram even the most closest sissy. HYPNO-SISS will be available to turn even the burliest builder into a brainless bimbo obsessed with short skirts, make-up and sucking COCK! Which is why she’ll also be lending her skills to SISSY-CENTRALS COCK SLUT ACADEMY where boys become girls and girls get their own back! ENROLMENT STARTS SOON. Do not miss first class. Id advice paying close attention to so that you have a heads start on all the other girls.

Finally we have a  a dungeon studio opening dedicated to feminising sissy sluts coming very very soon. What kind of sissy would you be to miss out!!!!

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