May 13, 2020
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The Feminization Station TG and Sissy Captions: Story Submissions Semi-Final

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First of all, let me say that I appreciate everyone’s participation in this contest.  Whether you submitted a story or voted, the turnout has been exemplary.  So, thank you for that.  If your story didn’t make the semi-final cut, don’t feel too bad.  There were a lot of good submissions, and I know it would’ve been really difficult for me to choose a favorite.  I’m certain that many others had the same problem.  So, chin up.  I’ll be doing this each year, so you’ll have another shot.

Okay, so I let the last poll run for a little over a week, and we’ve narrowed it down to ten remaining stories.  Next week, it’ll narrow down to three, and we’ll have the final vote in the last week of the month.

A man with gynecomastia is forced to start wearing bras to ease his back pain.  The store clerk who performs his fitting takes a liking to him, and soon, he finds himself being feminized.
With the aim of helping her twins become more stereotypically masculine/feminine, a woman turns to hypnosis.  However, the twins mix things up, and the boy gets the ones intended for the girl, and vice versa.  The hypnosis works.
A couple having marriage difficulties seek couples counseling.  Because the husband has control issues, and the wife is too subservient, the therapist advises that they temporarily switch roles.  She takes over the business they own while he takes over the role as a trophy wife.
After a man is fired from his high-powered job, he drunkenly signs everything over to his maid.  To get it back, he’s forced to live her life.
A young man is sent to prison (for a minor crime) and, in order to survive, becomes his cellmate’s bitch.  Once he gets out of prison, he tries to rebuild his life, but everything goes downhill when his cellmate is released and tracks him down.

  • Father/Son Feminization Story

A young man is kidnapped and feminized.  Throughout the process, the father is sent progress photos of his son, and the kidnappers demand the father’s feminization (or the son will be sold as a sex slave).
In order to help his friend with his crush, a young man poses as a girl.  However, things get out of hand when the girl’s doctor father decides to “help” the young man with his transition into womanhood via hormones and (eventually) surgery.
A college student, strapped for cash, signs up for a drug trial for a penis enhancement drug (it’s supposed to make it bigger).  However, while the drug does work (at first), it also comes with the side effect of feminizing the rest of his body.  Eventually, even the penis enlargement reverses itself, and he’s left completely feminized.

  • Transgender Dominatrix Story

A dominant transgender woman realizes that her ideal mate is a feminized young man.  She works to make that happen, picking a college student who she then feminizes.
A man who works as a dominant at a sex club has the tables turned on him by a female colleague.  Soon, he finds himself being feminized.

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