Jun 3, 2020
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The Feminization Station TG and Sissy Captions: June Release Schedule

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May is now in the rearview mirror, and I think it was a pretty good month of releases (world events notwithstanding).  So, without further ado, I’ll get to the May recap:

The first release was “Fate”, featuring the lovely Vina Sky.  The story follows a young man who, after losing his dream job and being blacklisted, is forced to relocate across the country to live with his friend (and his friend’s roommate).  However, when he arrives, he’s surprised to find that his longtime friend is quite a bit more feminine than he remembered.  Soon, he follows in his friend’s footsteps. 

May’s second release was “Power”, which follows a recent college graduate who’s forced to go into the family business (a multi-national corporation).  When he arrives for his first day, he soon finds that he’s been assigned to the secretarial pool.  Moreover, he’s sent to an off-site facility for “special training”, the purpose of which is soon revealed to be the complete feminization and brainwashing of his father’s enemies.  It features the incomparable Madison Ivy.

And finally, May’s book release is entitled “A Girl, Undercover”.  Published only a couple of days ago, it follows a police cadet who’s plucked from the academy and pushed into taking an undercover assignment where he’s expected to pose as a transitioning transgender student (in order to become friends with the daughter of an important crime boss).  Click the image below to be redirected to the Amazon listing.

So, like I said – a fun month of releases, and I think June will be just as good. 

The first of the June releases is scheduled for 6/10/2020, and it follows a college jock who, after losing his scholarship (due to a Title IX investigation), is approached by a gender studies professor who offers him the opportunity to earn a full scholarship by participating in a year-long experiment. 

Second up (to be released on 6/20/2020) is the winner of my most recent caption story contest.  For those who don’t know, throughout April, I accepted story idea submissions from frequenters of my site, and then, during May, I had everyone vote on their favorites.  June’s second release is the result of that contest.  The synopsis is as follows:  With the aim of helping her twins become more stereotypically masculine/feminine, a woman turns to hypnosis.  However, the twins mix things up, and the boy gets the ones intended for the girl, and vice versa.  The hypnosis works.

And finally, June’s book release (to be published on 6/30/2020) is the story of a young warrior (from a patriarchal society) who is captured by a group of Amazon-esque women and forced to conform to their matriarchal society. 

Needless to say, I’m excited about this month’s releases, and I hope everyone will enjoy reading them as much as I no doubt will enjoy writing them.  If you’d like more information on how to access these stories ( as well as 100+ caption stories and 20+ books), just click on the following link to find out more:


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