Jul 6, 2020
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The Feminization Station TG and Sissy Captions: July Release Schedule

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June was a really exciting month, in terms of new content.  As usual, I released a trio of new stories (two caption-based and one text), which were all really well received.  More than that, I personally felt extremely happy with how all three turned out.  So, without further ado, let’s recap!

The first of June’s releases was “Utopia”, featuring the incomparable Darcie Dolce.  In it, after a young man is expelled from college because of a drunken mistake, he’s approached by one of the gender studies professors with an offer to participate in one of her studies.  He accepts, kicking off a chain of events which will alter the world forever.

Next up was the product of this year’s Caption Story Contest.  For those who don’t know what is, it’s a fun way for my readers to get a little input into what I write.  So, with that in mind, I took submissions throughout April, then let readers vote on their favorites throughout May.  “Sisters”, June’s second caption story release, was the winner.  It’s the story of a pair of siblings who, after their father’s death, move to New Orleans and begin to explore their gender identities.  It features the adorable Jia Lissa.

And finally, there was my latest book release, “Blood and Ash”.  I’ve always been a huge fan of fantasy stories, so writing this one was definitely right up my alley.  Its premise is as follows:

Once, the elven Tua’ka’anam ruled an empire that stretched from one coast to the other. They were preeminent. But they became greedy. They grew arrogant. And they underestimated the yoke they had forced upon the other peoples of the world. Their neighbors, the Mor’anam rebelled. After making an alliance with the Tua’ka’anam’s enemies, the Mor’anam attacked the once dominant elves, pushing them from one city to the next until only one remained standing. Tere’Lua’Sanmian was their last bastion, and it was going to fall.

So, they made a deal with the cunning dark elves of the north that allowed them to use magic. The Tua’ka’anam had no choice but to accept, and the dark elves delivered on their promise by furnishing them with the first collars. These collars created conduits of the elves who wore them, letting another grasp and manipulate mana, the fuel of magic. The king, Mak’rin, chose to don the first. His advisor the second. Other males followed suit, and soon, they had an army of sorcerers to wipe out their enemies. It wasn’t until they had won the wore that they realized their error. The collars changed the ones who wore them. They transformed these once-proud elven men into feminine playthings for the women who held their magical leashes.

Three thousand years later, Ash E’Lurias is thrust into this world when he’s captured after fleeing into their forest to escape a massacre. When the elves find out that he would make a powerful conduit, they give him over to the care of the princess Mia’ka, who trains him as a Tua’sal. However, when his training is completed, the Tua’ka’anam are thrown into war once again when the dark elf advisor organizes a coup in which he takes control of the collared Tua’sal and their mistresses.

Follow Ash and his elven mistress as they, along with another pair of sorceresses and a hulking warrior named Tuk, escape and plot a counterattack and try to save the very society that enslaved the unsuspecting Ash.

This one was definitely a fun story to write (anyone who’s followed my work knows how much I enjoy building worlds), and it’s the first in a planned trilogy called The Dark Elf War(the next two will be released in July and August, respectively).  So, needless to say, I’m excited about continuing the story this month and concluding it in August.  But continuing the Dark Elf War isn’t the only reason I’m excited about July.  There are also two new caption stories on the way as well!

First up, to be released around the 10th, is an as-yet-untitled story featuring Lena Paul (subject to change, should I decide to go with a different body type).  In it, a Wall Street broker loses his job and is forced to accept a position alongside his girlfriend, who works as an assistant to a high-profile music producer.  When he makes a mistake (by refusing the amorous advances of a gay client), she makes it clear that their jobs entail far more than answering emails and helping their bosses keep their schedules.

After that comes July’s second release, an untitled story to be released around the 20th.  This one focuses on a man who, after being busted running a prostitution ring, goes to jail and is forced to succumb to his cellmate’s advances.  When he gets out of jail (due to his lawyer exploiting a technicality), his girls find out about his jailtime activities and put him to work.  The star to this one is still to be determined.

And finally, as mentioned earlier, there’s the sequel to “Blood and Ash”, tentatively titled “The Tyranny of Elves”.  In it, we’ll follow Ash as he and Mia seek allies in their impending war against the nefarious dark elves and their dwarven allies.

So, as I said, this month should be a fun one.  If you’re interested in finding out how to access all this content, just click on the following link:


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