Jan 12, 2019
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Girls vs sissies

Today I am going to have a look at the differences between real girls and sissy girls. Of course, sissy girls are trying to be as similar to real girls as possible, and that is the main goal of being a sissy. In this article, I make some of the assumptions about girls, sissies, and men but in real life, you shouldn’t put people in boxes as each and every one of us is an individual. However, for the sake of the article, I use generalizations and stereotypes to illustrate my point.


A fully trained sissy girl’s appearance is very similar to a real girl. At a sissy’s very best, and after a lot of practice, they should be almost completely indistinguishable in a normal situation, such as when they are out shopping for cute clothes or dancing at the bar, but there will always be tells.

New sissies do not look like real girls, as is to be expected. Becoming a fully trained sissy girl is a process requiring consistent effort and at the Sissification Academy, we are here to help you reach your goal. The main thing is to always do your best, try your hardest and be as girly as possible.

The major difference between sissies and real girls can be found inside their panties. A real girl has a pussy and an ass but a sissy girl only has a silly little boy clit and an asspussy.

Sissy girls can deal with their boyclitties in a few different ways. They can be free, tucked,  locked in chastity or removed completely. An earlier Academy blog entry covers the benefits of chastity for sissies and you should check that out after reading this.  For sissy girls at the start of their training, it’s acceptable to have their clitty free in their panties, but as their training continues, it will be dealt with by one of the aforementioned techniques.

As I mentioned above, the actual appearance of sissies and girls can be almost identical. However, sissies will always have to exert a lot more effort to achieve this. Real girls can afford to not always give 100% effort to their looks, they can do their makeup sloppily or go without if the mood takes them. A sissy girl must always put their best effort into their makeup since sissies are expected to always look their absolute best. A real girl can choose not to shave but a sissy should always keep her body shaved as it maximizes her feelings of girlyness and femininity.  Finally, sissies are expected and trained to be submissive, presentable and always available for sex, so once trained, sloppiness or a lack of effort in their appearance is never acceptable.


Sissy girls are expected to behave flawlessly at all times. Sissies should always be submissive and obedient, but here at the Sissy Training School, in addition to that, we want our sissies to be perfect ladies. Real girls are free to be difficult and act bitchily whenever they want to, they might throw tantrums and be demanding or just refuse to do something they don’t want to. A sissy should never act likes this. Being polite and compliant is part of the Academy code so sissies should always act like a perfect lady. This is also a big part of what makes sissies so desirable, being compliant and polite will make a sissy very appealing to potential Owners, no one wants a sissy who talks back or won’t follow instructions!.

Another key focus for a sissy is submission. They are expected do what they are told without question or hesitation and gain enjoyment from doing it (although this isn’t necessary). Submissives should gain great pleasure from following orders from their betters and submitting to their every whim. Of course, a sissy, even a hypersubmissive one, does absolutely not have to take anything and everything that is thrown at them. Everyone has their limits and it is ok to test them. But being with someone is a two-way deal. If you don’t want something, you should not have to take it. These hard limits that should not be crossed should be discussed beforehand so that both parties are aware of them.  But, as an example, let’s say there’s a man that tries to sneak in some anal before the sissy is ready, a real girl might flip out and make a scene and stop things but a sissy should handle the situation with more finesse. Sissies should always have conversations instead of throwing tantrums. After hitting a red light, you should discuss why things went as they went and make suggestions as to how to change things for the better. This is constructive and will lead to results. Throwing a tantrum will only leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth (and not the kind that the sissy deserves! ).

Obedience should always be a watchword for sissies and is something that goes hand in hand with submission. Obedience is further amplified by chastity, even the tease of being released after a long time spent locked up will make a sissy do many things that she would not normally be prepared to do. This is just one of many reasons chastity is good sissy girls. When the release is denied for a long time, the will of the chastised sissy is slowly broken and increases their obedience to their key holder (or anyone the key holder instructs them to obey). From this point onwards, the sissy is increasingly becoming her owners’ slut. It’s a lot of fun to fantasize about being locked up forever and being forced into being a girl, but not many sissies would be ok if that started to happen in real life without their consent. Long term chastity should always be agreed upon by both parties ahead of time. Knowing this is something you want and agreed to ahead of time and makes the suffering so much more arousing

Sexual obedience is just the beginning, a sissy’s obedience should reach outside of the bedroom. A sissy should do the housework as they are told (and ideally they shouldn’t even need to be told). Some sissies are trained to be maids, which is a very popular fantasy to sissies and it perfectly shows a sissy’s obedience. Dressing up in an emasculating,  feminine uniform and doing work that is usually considered a woman’s job will help you embrace your femininity and forget your ‘usual’ role in life.


Speaking from experience, sissies are horny all the time. Men constantly have sex on the brain and sissies are a subcategory of man (for a very broad definition of ‘man’), so it follows that sissies have sex on their mind all the time too. This suits a sissy’s owner, by definition anyone owning a sissy will be pretty kinky and much more in touch with their sexual desires than the more vanilla members of the population.

Men and women’s approach to sex can vary widely. Stereotypically, men want to start when they feel like it, fuck hard, cum and be done with it. Women want long foreplay, and sometimes neither want nor need penetration. Women will often want to cuddle afterward and keep the intimacy on for longer, whereas men lose interest after cumming. In this way, sissies can fit the needs of their Owners really well. Sissies can emotionally cope better with the sexual needs of men, they won’t feel like their Master doesn’t love them if they’re ordered to straighten their maid’s uniform, fetch him a beer and clean the house directly after having their poor sissy brains fucked out.

Chastity also makes sissies more aware of their desire. If a sissy doesn’t get to cum for a prolonged time, their mind will start to focus on sex more and more, often to the detriment of their other responsibilities. It becomes a vicious circle, so the more a sissy thinks about sex, the hornier she gets, and when a sissy is horny, she will become increasingly compliant and desperate to serve her owner. As I mentioned above, the mere promise of a release will make a sissy much more open to doing more and more extreme things in bed (or on the kitchen table or the washing machine or the park…) and that is always good for her master.

Real girls can be incredibly kinky and into all sorts of fetishes. On the other hand by their very nature sissies will be deeply into fetishes As a sissy, it’s natural to be into fetishes like BDSM, degradation, bukkake or many other kink things because they see women enjoying these fetishes and they have the qualities a sissy wishes she had. This makes living as a sissy easier and makes the sissy feel much more immersed when being made the subject of these kinks. This also benefits their owner. Immersion for both parties is everything. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you’re not able to look like a perfect girl as long as you and your partner believe it.


The only available form of penetrative sex for a sissy is via their asspussy. If the sissy’s master wanted vaginal sex, he would use a female sub instead of a sissy girl. Real girls can hate the idea of anal sex, but sissies love it as it’s the easiest way for them to have sex like a girl. Anal sex can be much better than vaginal sex for both parties, especially because a sissy is always so eager to please their owner. A sissy should always be prepared to be penetrated by her Master and treats it as a sign of their obedience and submission. Keeping her asspussy clean should be part of a sissy’s beauty ritual.

Blowjobs from a sissy and from a real girl are identical, or are they? A real girl might start to complain that her cheeks are tired and that she can’t take the cock in any further gagging. A sissy will practice so much that her cheeks will gain the required strength to give blowjobs for as long as are required, her only complaint will be that it ever has to stop! A sissy girl will train to be the best cocksucker she can be so that she can deepthroat a cock of any length. A sissy’s goal should always be to be able to take her Master’s cock entirely in her throat, and the sissy should train for it as hard as possible. So in that regard sissies are better than real girls. Sissies also have the benefit of having an inkling of what a real penis feels like and what feels good through their experiences with their clit. Real girls will never have this first-hand knowledge, advantage sissy!


Another advantage to having sex with a sissy girl is that she cannot get pregnant. This can be a huge deal if a man doesn’t want to be tied down and someone who just wants an obedient little slut to fuck probably does not want to consider children anyway. It’s always good to have one riskless to think about.

Summing Up

So, what have we learned? Whilst a sissy will never be a real girl there are a number of points in a sissy’s favor and it’s easy to see why a dominant would prefer a sissy. Even the most willing girl will never be able to completely focus on their partner’s or owner’s needs and desires with no expectations of a reward, but this is the core of what a sissy can offer.

With that been said, never forget that you have to work at things where a real girl doesn’t. You should always aim to look as good as you can and be as submissive, eager to please and as kinky as possible!

I hope you enjoyed the article. Let me know what you think about the subject!

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Sissylover content writer and reasearch

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