Mar 27, 2020
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I have recently recruited a ghost writer to help me endeavour on a life long ambition of mine which is to write a book. Before I became a domme this was something I had wanted to do in regards to my life and the things have seen and done to date.

Now that I am a well recognised (some would say quite well recognised and internationally known may be another comment they may say)….. oh boy ….have I seen a whole lot more. I have more than enough naughty, maybe too naughty at times heehee but defiantly saucy and some very interesting, some may shocking stories to tell.

I feel as though we are halfway there – hoping the book will have enough content and drama to grip anyone of my fans or just someone with a keen interest in my story and memoirs of how I came to be the way I am today.

Some may say to me “wow, that was so good” (I’m hoping of course) ….others may say “why did you bother and what’s so important about you the world wants to know”. I am not saying I am in fact important (but of course I am).. I am not saying I will have a best seller… I am not saying that my story is better or worse than anyone else’s… all I am saying is that I want my loyal subs and fans to learn a bit about me.

I also want to get my story out there so I have done something positive with every little ounce of pain and hurt I have been caused by enemies (wouldn’t call them that now as look at life differently but haters maybe lol)….. or even friends and loved ones. Maybe even family at times. However, I wouldn’t change one thing, well maybe couple minor things. But most actions in my life and dramas I have been involved with, most decisions I have made and reasons behind my actions have made me who I am and I am proud of it.

I am stronger than I have ever been before.

Enough of the waffling.. my book has really empowered me (prob thought nothing could empower me more but hey this did)… it has made me bring up history that made me, once again cry in sadness and cry, with happiness. Most of the things you will read in my book is and will be factual but (I will say…. well what comes up on most reality programmes credits – “some situations and conversations have been dramatised for viewers effect” – most will be facts but a few twists of fiction may be thrown in).

I will be amending names and some other info that could be exposing anyone of any kind. I don’t want any law suits on my hands now do I?…

Anyway – to show some love and much needed support I would appreciate your feedback on whether you would want to read my memoirs and also once published then would love for you to reach deep into your pocket and buy a copy – supporting the cause to the fullest.

Anyway, with love and hate…
your Mistress Xena

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