Mar 25, 2020
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Old cock lover Harvey from sussex
Harvey has said on chat to me on several occasions he so wants to suck old cocks as long as they are really old men.
I am 78 and i would love to cum in him and on his face but i live in the USA
He has never sucked cock or tasted cum YET…
WHat harvey said to me what he really wants to do…
1 suck very old cock
2 suck a group of very old men
3 To get old his first facial
4 to get a 4 old men wank on his face
5 get pissed on by a very old guy
6 3 old men piss on his face
7 get fucked by a very old ugly guy
8 to be fucked bare and bred by a very old ugly guy
9 to have old guys wank on his face whilst he lay down on a bench by the sea in the evening
I cant say much more but Harvey really really really wants very old cocks to suck.


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