Aug 4, 2018
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Friday = Sissyday x

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Another fun day in the Xena household…
I had a few cam sessions, couple phone and texting sessions and one fun realtime session with a Sissy sub who was not great at taking pain. However, what they lacked in pain threshold they made up for it in other ways, such as obedience, good selection of clothes, servitude etc…
Usually, when I have a first session with a new sub it’s good to get a feel for one another and know what the other wants from the session. I am fed up of hearing subs say “whatever mistress wants, mistress can do” as usually this is not the case… usually there will be something that the sub does not want to do and either will say no to a mistress during session which shouldn’t really happen or them leaving the session unhappy and unsatisfied (well that is how some of my subs want it to go but we also have to establish that at the beginning of our first session).. I also like to explore if a sub is not sure, then this is where the traffic light codes work for me, as a safe word… the usual, green means go/good, amber means hmmmm not bad but close to limit and red means no it hurts/I don’t like it please stop.. when a sub says red (which the Sissy I met tonight said a few times) I then stop and lessen the power just a little and tease Haha but of course I do respect all my subs to a certain extent as I expect them to and KNOW they respect me…
I really do not like doing sessions without safe words as have had a few bad experiences so usually wouldn’t do a session where a sub doesn’t want a safe word in place.
Anyway, this Sissy slut had a fab red, string vest type dress and some very high heels.. not to mention a wig and stockings as you can see in the pictures below..

Objectification was also on the agenda with the Sissy, acting as a rather sturdy table and footstool…
Looking for some more sissies to train up.. when I have my dungeon, I will be renovating and moving into soon, I will have a whole wardrobe of wigs & clothes in a mixture of sizes as well as some size 9+ shoes, for all my sluts to dress up in.. will also have a mirror with a vanity table with make up and hold sissy events where we can all have some girly fun mistresses and sissies alike..
Right that’s me, signing off… like I said will try write more posts even if they are short… some will be sweet, others not so..
Oh, by the way.. have dyed my hair some amazing colours… right Technicolor mish mash I got going on now.. my subs will see of course and those that Cam with me…
Sleep well bitches. I will, as always.
With love and hate

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