Jan 12, 2019
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Down the Path – Sissy24

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Quite harsh story of very submissive sissy. In this story there will be alot of humiliation, total submission, BDSM, pain etc. As you know the saying: no pain, no gain. Hope you enjoy it!

I hear the knocking on the door. Have my panties on under my shorts and tshirt. Nervously open the door and the man comes by me and I follow him into the living room.

He stops and turns. ‘On your knees now’. He moves in front of me showing me his ID so he knows I know who he is in case he gets out of line. ‘Tell me why you invited me here.’ Looking down embarrassed to have to say it. ‘I invited you here to treat me like a faggot Sir. I need a real man to come over occasionally and show me just how much of a fag I am.’

He lifts my chin with his finger then suddenly he slaps my face. Not hard but very stinging. ‘And how do I do that faggot?’

‘By punishing me Sir and making me suck cock Sir.’

‘Get up and take your clothes off bitch.’

I get up and take my shirt and shorts off. Stand there in just my panties as he looks me over. He runs his hands over my body feeling me up. His hand on my ass over the panties feels so good. He finally makes his way to my balls and he takes them in his fist and squeezes lightly.

‘What kind of man invites another man over and wears panties to boot. He can’t be much of a man, can he?’ He squeezes my balls a little harder. ‘You aren’t really much of a man at all are you?’

Going to my toes as he squeezes harder. ‘No Sir I’m not really much of a man.’

‘Then fucking stop acting like one. You walk and talk like a little fairy, you understand faggot?’ squeezing a little harder.

‘Yes Sir I understand,’ I answer trying to sound a little more gay.

‘No you don’t but you will.’ He moves behind me and fastens my hands with the Velcro straps laying there. He pulls me after him as he moves to the straight chair and I’m pulled down over his lap. ‘You will understand faggot.’ And he starts on my ass.

It hurts but I know I deserve to be treated like this. Trying not to cry as he spanks me hard. He talks to me telling me how he will be stopping over occasionally to help beat the man out of me and make me accept that I’m just a faggot sissy and needs to be used like one. I start crying, it’s so humiliating to have another man make you cry. It drives home what a wimp I must be.

He pushes me from his lap getting up and finishes undressing. Sitting back down in the chair and spreading his legs. ‘Worship it faggot, if I’m not impressed you are back over my lap. Understand sissy boy?’

Wiping the tears from my eyes, ‘Yes Sir.’

‘Beg for it.’

‘Please let me suck your cock Sir.’

‘You a cocksucker boy?’

‘Yes Sir, I’m a cocksucker.’

SLAP. He slaps my cheek another stinging blow. ‘I don’t believe you bitch.’

‘Please Sir, please let me suck you cock, be your cocksucker, please.’

SLAP. The other cheek. ‘Are you going to be a good little fagboy?’

Tears flowing again. ‘Yes Sir.’

‘How are you going to act when I’m here?’

‘Like a faggot Sir.’

‘Then suck my cock bitch.’

I kiss his cock, running my tongue all over his cockhead, then suck it into my mouth and start sucking him. I work my tongue over his cockhead and underside of his cock as I slide it in and out of my mouth. Slide it a little too deep and gag a little. He grabs my head and pulls me off his cock.

‘I thought you said you were a cocksucker boy,’ he says.

‘I’m sorry Sir, I haven’t had much practice. I’m sorry I gagged.’

He takes his cock and smears the juices on it on my cheeks and lips. ‘You disappoint me boy and you will regret it, you understand that, don’t you faggot?’

‘Yes Sir I understand, I will try harder.’

‘You need a lot of training boy, nothing would be worse than bringing friends over and you sucking them like you are sucking me right now.’

Feel that I must be disappointing him. I thought I was doing all right sucking him but I guess I’m not. Will he really bring other people over? It makes me nervous just thinking about him doing that. The thought of being made to act like a real fag in front of other strangers would be so scary. The thought of having other men watch me suck someone’s cock would be so humiliating. I feel his hands on both sides of my head and he starts pulling me back on his cock. I feel it slide deep into my mouth stopping before it forces me to gag.

‘You have to learn to suck like faggots suck boy. None of this weak ass sucking like your girlfriends might have given you before you realized what a fag you are.’

He pulls my head back on his cock, deeper hitting my gag reflex again and I gag. He pulls my head off his cock and slaps my face, not that hard but it still stings a lot.

‘Your choice boy, take it or take my hand, now let’s try that again.’

He pulls my head down again making me gag again but holding his cock there as I struggle, my hands still bound behind my back. Finally he lets me up and pulls out again.

‘Lift your head boy, look at me.’

When I do he slaps me again. I feel tears in my eyes from the gagging and the slapping.

‘Damn, you a little crybaby too aren’t you? You ready to try again fagboy?’

I nod my head yes and feel his slap again.

‘When I ask you a question faggot, I expect an answer.’

‘Yes Sir please let me suck your cock again, please.’ He pulls me back onto his cock and against my throat. I try hard not to gag as he holds me there. Finally he lets me up. I try to catch my breath, can feel slobber on my chin.

‘You will learn to take it all and bigger cocks too. I know you were trying boy, you deserve a reward, suck my balls.’

He lifts his legs more displaying his balls and I move my head down and start licking them, getting them all wet.

‘That’s it faggot, wash them balls for me. Suck them into your mouth and worship my balls. Maybe if you do a good job, I will let you lick my asshole next. Nothing like a fag tongue sliding up your asshole.’

I can’t believe he would make me do that. I don’t know if I could do it if he told me to. It’s just sounds so nasty. I keep licking on his balls and suck them into my mouth getting them nice and juicy. Finally he grabs my head and pulls me up on his cock again and starts face fucking me. He gentle at first then starts pulling me deeper and deeper till I start gagging but he doesn’t stop. Pulls me back off his cock a little then slides it in deep again. I start struggling as he face fucks me but he holds me tight and makes me take it. Tears run down my face from the gagging. Finally, he pulls me off, lifting my head, slaps my face hard and pushes me away.

‘You have a lot to learn faggot if you are to become my cumslut fagboy.’

He moves behind me and unfastens my hands.

‘Bedroom boy.’

‘Yes Sir.’

I head to the bedroom with him following me. When we get there he tells me to get on the bed on my hands and knees and I do it. He starts fastening Velcro binding on both my ankles with two steel rings in each. He then takes another Velcro strap and connects my ankles together with one of the rings on each ankle. Then he pulls my left wrist back and velcros it hooking it to the other ring on my left ankle. Then he does the same on the right side. My head down on the bed my ass high in the air. Feel so helpless.

‘How did I tell you to behave when I was here boy?’

‘You told me you wanted me to act like a faggot Sir.’

‘Do you think you sound like a faggot when you answered me boy?’

‘No Sir, I guess not, I kind of forgot, I’m sorry Sir.’

‘And do you think you walked like a faggot when you walked back here boy?’

‘No Sir, I’m sorry, I will try to do better.’

‘You must not think it’s important to do what I tell you to do, is that it boy?’

‘No Sir, I know it’s important, I’m sorry.’

‘Sorry means shit to me boy, if you don’t do as I say, there are consequences.’

‘Please Sir, please, I promise to do better.’ I look over and see him take a wooden paddle out of his bag.

‘Please don’t Sir, please,’ trying to sound as gay as I can.

‘I’ve heard enough of your bullshit faggot, there is only one thing bitches like you understand.’

I watch as he takes a red ball gag from his bag. He forces it into my mouth and straps it tight behind my head. I feel the tears coming. I look back, trying to plead with my eyes but watch as he moves down by my ass, paddle in hand. Then my ass explodes in pain. WHACKKKKKKKKKKK. OH GOD. It hurt so badly. Then as I try to recover, the next blow. WHACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. My ass feels likes it’s on fire as I move my head from side to side, mumbling through the gag begging you to stop but you don’t. You work my ass, sometimes not so hard, sometimes hard, sometimes not so hard but over and over quickly in same place. It doesn’t take long before I’m crying hard, trying to move ass out of the way of the blows but you hold me in place. Finally you stop, take the gag from my mouth. I can’t stop crying, my ass hurts so badly.

‘Do you think that will help your memory boy?’

Sobbing loudly as I try to answer. ‘Yes Sir.’

‘How will you act when I’m here boy?’

‘Like a faggot Sir,’ trying hard to sound as faggy as I can.

‘And if someone else if here boy?’

‘I will still act like I’m a fag Sir.’

‘Why is that boy?’

‘Because I’m a fag Sir.’

‘Good boy.’ You let me loose. ‘Go get me a drink faggot.’

I prance out of the room trying to walk like a fag. My ass still feels on fire.

I come back with your drink. Head down, I extend my hands. ‘For you Sir.’

He takes the drink from me. His finger lifts my chin making me look at him, his stare intense, penetrating. ‘Why are you still standing faggot?’

I move to my knees quickly. ‘I’m sorry Sir.’ Head down, knees spread.

‘What did I tell you about sorry faggot?’ he questions.

‘Sorry doesn’t count, that there are consequences for my behavior Sir.’

‘Get your fag mouth on my cock bitch, we need to have a little talk.’

I move forward on my knees, open my mouth and take his cock into my mouth. It’s only semi-hard and feels so strange in my mouth. I start to suck when you stop me.

‘No sucking faggot, just keep the head in your mouth and kiss it like your ass depends on it.’

I do as he tells me to do. His cockhead covered with juices as my tongue worships it. Really don’t want to make this guy mad. Wondering if this is more than I wanted, the way he talked to me and the hard discipline. The degrading talk is all so strange. I’m still thinking about it when you tell me to look at you. I look up and see that look on your face, wanting to lower my eyes but know I better not.

‘This too much for you boy?’ he asks. ‘I always give faggots a chance to show what a wimp they are and beg out of it. I don’t have time for faggots like that, a faggot should know this is what he deserves, what he needs.’

My mind racing, he is giving me a chance to put an end to this. He is so intense, I try to concentrate and get my thoughts together. Thinking, isn’t this what I always fantasize about. A man who really takes control of me when we are together. Then I think about the pain, the abuse, do I really want to be treated like this. If I don’t stop now will I get another chance if it gets to be too much????

I lift my head from his cock ‘It’s a little more intense than I was thinking about Sir.’

‘Answer the fucking question. Is this too much for you faggot?’

Knowing what I should say, I hear the words, ‘No Sir’ come out of my mouth. Is this what I really need?

‘Look up at me faggot.’

When I do he slaps my face. Wincing I look down, my face stinging.

‘Look at me faggot.’

Not wanting to do it but know I must. I look up and when I do he slaps me again. Feel like I’m about to cry again.

‘Is this something you need faggot?’

Looking down, ‘Yes Sir.’ Tears running down my cheeks as I try to keep from sobbing.

‘Beg bitch.’

I can’t believe he is making me beg him to treat me like shit, use me, abuse me, humiliate me. How can I do that? Not knowing what to do but find myself bending over submissively. ‘Please Sir, please show me my place. I need a real man to help me. Please Sir.’

He puts his foot on the back of my head, pushing my face down near the floor. ‘I don’t believe you faggot.’

‘Please Sir please train me to serve real men. I will do what you tell me to. I want to be your cocksucker Sir, please.’

He lets me up, making me kneel in front of him. ‘Look at me.’

I look at him, bracing myself figuring he is going to slap me again.

‘It’s ok faggot you can go ahead and ask me.’

I don’t know what he is talking about. ‘Sir, I don’t know what you mean.’

‘I can tell by looking at you that you want to show me how much you mean what you said when you were begging to be my fag slut. You know, how you want to lick my ass nice and clean and then see how far up my ass you can get your fag tongue.’

I can’t believe what he just said. How can he expect me to do that? But how do I say no? I had just told him I would do what he said and this is what he wants obviously. Don’t say anything, face down.

‘Isn’t that what you were thinking faggot?’

Quietly, ‘Yes Sir.’

‘The thought of your tongue licking my ass excites you boy?’

‘Yes Sir.’

‘Maybe if you ask nicely, I will let you lick my ass faggot.’

So humiliating, I keep looking down. ‘Please Sir, please let me lick your ass for you.’

‘You sure you want to do this boy, stick your face in a man’s ass crack and lick his ass, only nasty faggots do shit like that?’

‘Yes Sir I want to do it to please you,’ I tell him.

‘No I don’t think so, it would only be right if it was something you really wanted, really wanting to lick a man’s ass. I don’t know if you really want to do it.’

‘I want to do it Sir, I really do.’

‘Convince me.’

I recognize the look on his face and know what I must do. ‘Please Sir, I really want to lick your ass for you, get it nice and wet.’

‘Anything else you want to do faggot?’

Know where he is leading, I just do it. ‘Yes Sir I want to slide my tongue up your asshole as far as I can.’

‘You are a nasty little fucker aren’t you? It’s no wonder you need a real man in your life, showing you how you deserve to be treated.’

‘Yes Sir.’

He moves his hand forward, sticking out a finger, ‘Suck faggot.’

I do as told sucking his finger, feeling like such a wimp. He moves his hand to the back of my head pulling it forward as he slides a second finger into my mouth. He presses them forward till they finally make me choke. He pulls then back a little as he makes me look at him. Then he starts moving more fingers into my mouth making me stretch my lips over his fingers. He forces me to look at him as he humiliates me like this, his other hand behind my head pulling me onto his hand. It all makes me feel so small and weak. Finally he pulls his hand out, wiping the slobber over my cheeks.

‘OK faggot, you get your wish. I’m going to let you eat my ass but if I feel like you aren’t really trying or just no good at it, there will be consequences.’

He moves to the bed getting on hands and knees leaving me room behind him to get on the bed. It seems to make it worse, him sticking his ass out to be worshipped. What kind of guy does this, lick a man’s crack, tongue fuck his asshole. Realizing what kind of guy does do this and realize that I really must be a faggot to do this. A nasty faggot that need guidance for sure. I moved forward and move my head towards his ass.

‘Just stick your face into the crack and then I want you to tell me that this is what your deserve.’

I do as he says moving my head into his ass crack. It wasn’t repulsing but was very humiliating. I then tell him, ‘Thank you Sir I know I deserve to be treated like this.’

‘Spread my cheeks and lick my ass faggot, get it nice and clean with your fag tongue.’

Know it’s the moment of truth and do as told, stick my tongue out and lick slowly up his ass crack. It was so humiliating and then I did it again, licking, licking ass, licking another man’s ass crack. Thinking about all the times I have thought about this and now I’m actually doing it. I continue licking, your crack getting wet. It hits me suddenly that I’m really trying to make it feel good for you, that you deserve this and I want to please you. His ass crack is getting so wet and juicy and I feel his hole when my tongue licks across it. My cheeks wet from being shoved into your ass.

‘Beg for it boy, beg for my hole.’

Can’t believe how I am feeling, realize I really want to stick my tongue up his ass, I mean I really want to. Panting, I raise my head a little. ‘Can I slide my tongue up your ass Sir.’ Saying it, it seems even nastier but know I want to do it. ‘Please.’

‘Do it faggot, but do it well bitch.’

I move my head down, find his asshole with my tongue and try sliding my tongue in. Harder to do it than I thought, I spread his ass cheeks, my face buried in his ass cheeks as I push my tongue into his ass. Feel it slide inside, so weird, moving my tongue around licking then try to get it deeper, deeper up his asshole. Why do I feel I need to get my tongue deep up his ass and tongue fuck it? Why do I want to do it so badly? Feel his hand on the back of my head, grinding my face into his crack. I feel like such a fag.

Finally he pushes me away, on my knees my face covered with juices. He rolls over lifts his knees spreading them, pulling me between them as he strokes his hard cock. It’s right in front of my face then I realize what is going to happen. His thighs hold my head tight and he is stroking harder, faster, then it happens. He starts cumming, the first string over my nose and on a cheek. Then he paints my face with his cum. I feel like such a fag slut. I can taste his cum on my lips.

Feel him start rubbing his cock in the cum then he moves it to my mouth and I lick his cum off his cock. The feeling of submission overwhelms me as I clean his cock over and over. Finally he gets up and starts dressing. I just lay there my cock full and throbbing.

‘Jack off faggot, catch your cum in your other hand.’

He watches me as I do it. It doesn’t take me long till I fill my other palm with hot cum.

‘OK faggot, lick it all up like a good little sissy faggot.’

I do as he says. My first time tasting my own cum. Always wanted to do it but once I cum the desire leaves. It’s almost the same now. After cumming, I feel like such a faggot. How could I let him treat me like this? Why would I do that? I feel like such a wimp. But I find myself lowering my head, my mouth opens and I start licking the cum from my hand. Hear him laughing at me.

‘You will be in panties anytime we are together faggot, really can’t think of you as a man now. This will be when I am here or if I tell you to meet me somewhere. It’s easy to see that you are really rather fem.’

Makes me feel so low now. Realize he must be right or why did I do what I did. ‘Yes Sir.’

‘I will let you know when we are going to meet again faggot. Answer my emails promptly. Any disobedience will be dealt with, understand?’

‘Yes Sir.’ He turns his back, grabs his toys and I escort him to the door, remembering to walk like a fag.

‘Bye faggot.’

I go back into the bedroom, curl up on the bed thinking about what just happened. How could I let him treat me like that? Tears flow as I think about how he will be back. What if I tell him I can’t do this? How can I tell him no? I don’t think I can. Where will this lead?? I fall asl**p and the tears stop.

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