Feb 9, 2020
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Candy Will

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hi, my name is candy. I am a mature crossdresser who has totally surrendered to my feminine sissy feelings and desires. I am totally pussy free and continue to be drawn into deeper sexual relations only with men as a sissy. I love life and meeting new people and although I do not dress 24/7, I so look forward to those times when I am dressed as a woman. I love to date more mature men who treat me like the woman I truly feel I am. Being in a relationship with a man is such a wonderfully rewarding experience for me. I feel so alive and sensual in a man’s company that I find myself loving to please him in any way I can. I am 5’9″, 156 lbs, 38C, slim to medium build with dark blonde/light brown hair, totally shaved and smooth, often in chastity and pussy free for three years. I love going out in public and wearing stockings, garter belts, panties, lacy bras, heels and lingerie. My skirts and dresses are generally short but, when the occasion requires a more conservative and formal attire, I have an extensive wardrobe.

I am a very submissive individual and prefer men who are of a more dominant nature, but not those who are abusive. I am hopeful to find a man to embark on a long term relationship with. I feel that so many men have needs that are not being met by the genetic women of today. I truly feel that I can help to meet those needs. I’m on Kik as: candygurl59

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