Oct 3, 2020
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I’m a sad excuse for a man. Because of that dreaming of the fetish world is my way of coping with my shortcomings. 

The fact that there are people out there that enjoy making fun of / abusing pathetic men is the most beautiful fact of humanity. 

If God exists, he could have given me a better tool. But thank God for femdom, humiliation and related fetishes haha. 

Here is my story in detail: 

I thought it might be even more fun for you if you know a bit about me. 
I’m a 31 year old submissive man, but in average day life I don’t feel submissive at all. People actually know me more as someone caring, joyful and strong. 
But when it comes to love and sex, I am totally different haha. It’s actually my dream to fall in love with someone that really likes humiliating men. And I might actually have found her, but I am too affraid to let her know about my fetishes, as she admires me for who I am. 
We’re actually having sort of an affaire now, as we are both not jealous and are alright with the other person seeing someone else. 
However, I do think that I have missed the chance to have sex with her haha. 
One day after she broke up with her boyfriend she invited me and my housemate over for double dating and we got very drunk. 
She really wanted to have sex with me, but about an hour before that she mentioned that emotions were heavy on her, loving someone and love hurt on the other side, so she asked me to be there for her as her best friend instead as a lover. 
Then thereafter she said that she wanted to be fucked hard. But I know she loves big dicks, as she was once joking about putting on some song in a bar  about hating small dicks with her best friends. 

So I while we were undressing and I got scared. I told her that she should make a decision about sex when she would be sober, because I didn’t want her to regret it the next day. So I went downstairs to sleep on the couch. 
A week later she was kissing another guy in front of me and asked me to come home with her later. While we were cuddling in bed, she pushed her ass against my crotch and I tried to get a boner, but I was too affraid again haha. So nothing happened. 
I noticed that she was using her butt to feel my dick and noticed that she was disappointed because nothing happened. 
Ever since she has been dating another guy, but she still talks about wanting to cuddle with me. 

Ever since my second relationship (when I was 25) I knew that I have a small dick, as she once asked me to buy different underwear, as the tight underwear I was wearing would only be sexy if I had something in my pants to show for it. 
And she mentioned how much fun it is to give blowjobs to someone with a smaller penis instead of a big dick.
After some months after we broke up, she had a relationship of 4 years with someone that used to be my best friend, while we broke up because she lived in the South of Germany. 
Just before we broke up, my girlfriend and that friend joked about guys trying to act dominant and tie a girl up, while the girl has to pretend to feel dominated. 
That hurt me a bit at that time being. But nowdays I jerk off to imagining them having sex and him having a very big dig. Imagining how she moans while being fucked so hard. 
At some point I made a humiliation video of myself wearing her panties, which I sent to her after some months. 
All she said about it was “haha” 

Another girlfriend of me once asked me to go home after we brought some guy with us from the city. She asked me to trust her and know that she loves me. 
She was a good friend of me for 13 years that fucked more guys than any girl I know, but we never had good sex. She felt awkward about sex with me, especially after my dick slipped out of her vagina a few times in a row while I was penetrating her. 
She adviced me to go slower, so my dick wouldn’t slip out anymore. Then I felt ashamed and my dick got soft haha. 
After we broke up after being together for 6 days, i at some point begged her to cage my cock and have me watch her while being fucked by a guy with a big dick. She laughed and said that it would have been possible while we were together, but not anymore, as we broke up. 

Cumming is quite hard for me, because sometimes i don’t even feel the edges of someones vagina if she’s really wet. But that also means that I can go on for a long time haha. 

Aside from having a small dick, I’m also really poor. But I still want to pay for tasks haha. 
Once I spent 75 euro on a chastity cage and panties. But the chastity cage was too big for my balls, they would just slip through the ring that’s around the cock and balls. So I felt even more hurt and threw the chastity belt away. 

When I get horny I’m really willing to do sooo much, even things that I really regret later on haha, here are some examples:  




https://www.redtube.com.br/558064 / https://biguz.net/watch.php?id=1885818&name=my-pathetic-sissy-like-small-dick / https://nl.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=120498051  ( all the same video) 


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