Jan 12, 2019
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8 Reasons why you should start crossdressing

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Crossdressing means: wearing clothes of opposite sex. But as a sissy, crossdressing is something more than that. Biologically it may be dressing as the “opposite sex”, but you’re a sissy – you ARE a feminized girly slut, so crossdressing is not just dressing as something “opposite”, it’s an important expression of the femininity that already exists within you! Therefore it must be appreciated and embraced for a sissy girl to be truly happy! You should never doubt, or feel ashamed, for something that is an expression of your inner identity, and as a sissy it is time to learn why you should be a fabulous crossdresser and never be ashamed of it!


As straightforward as this might sound, it cannot be ignored how crossdressing will prompt you to be in a feminized state regularly, allowing you to get in touch with your girly identity by actually being dressed in femme as often as possible! After all, doing is learning. Good practice of being femme outside of your sissy sexuality is invaluable, as you’ll find that you’ll be understanding yourself more and more as you dress up, learning how to look and act pretty, strutting your sexy body and figuring out more and more ways to make men cocks hard in a purely feminine essence!  Furthermore, when dressing thoughts of being a sissy girl are magnetized into your subconsciousness by the repeated affirmations of femininity that comes from dressing up. Soon enough you’ll find yourself able to transform into girl mode as soon as your blood is rushing down in your pants.


sissy in front of mirror learning to apply makeup

Crossdressing is often mistaken as just throwing on whatever you can find that is for women, then reveling in the excitement of wearing women’s clothes. However, crossdressing is simply so much more! It’s a very demanding hobby, and will take research and knowledge of fashion trends which you will then twist and turn into fabulous outfits that will downright swell up every cock in the room! Learning how to best pair a mini skirt with your crop top, how to fashion your wig to accentuate your boobs or walk in a pair of high heels with your fishnets. Body shaping to bring out the best of your curves whilst being able to match your colours in a way that expresses your sissy personality! Want to look lustrous and sophisticated? Wear neutral office colours. Want to look like a street whore? Colourful, revealing and tacky! Cute princess? Cosplay and babydoll dresses! You got to learn and pair! Of course, this is integral to makeup – which takes time, effort and dedication to learn how to apply. Skill will develop over time and practice, but the fun and creativity will be with you now and always!


A lot of sissies can vouch for that, after taking a girly photoshoot, picking out your favourite pics and uploading them sissy in slutty stockings making selfieonline is a process which is deeply enthralling and oh so satisfying. Likewise, with those girls who pose for men on Omegle, Chaturbate etc – the excitement derived from watching a real man cum simply from your girliness is unlike anything else!

Besides you’re a sissy girl aren’t you? You’re just an attention whore that seeks validation by serving men and making mistress proud. And guess what, you can do just that by exposing your beautiful sissy stature to the world that is hungry for sissy bimbos like you! So why dress up in average underwear or an old dress, and receive a few upvotes and nice messages – when you can instead dress like a proud girly slut and receive hundreds of upvotes, dozens of private messages of men aching to dominate your boy pussy and countless other stroking their fat cocks solely for you to perform on webcam!


Crossdressing is not always easy. And often, the biggest hindrance to your girly look is from your own body. Yes, some things we cannot help, like broad shoulders for example, but even these things don’t stop our favourite trans role models from looking simply gorgeous. No, the key to looking like a beautiful trap queen is entirely achievable by committing yourself towards getting that sexy sissy body! With exercise, you can eliminate fat % and develop an hourglass figure, get a bigger and plump ass, and striking legs that will make any man swoon for you! Of course, exercising is important for all aspects of your life, not only will you be getting a sexy body, but your health will improve drastically. You will feel more energetic, happy and calm. You will love yourself, reduce anxiety and develop your self-confidence. Who said being a sissy isn’t productive? So, crossdressing is a great way to motivate yourself into getting in shape. You will look sexier, feel sexier, and make yourself a happier and healthier sissy! Now let’s improve that squat game!


sissy in store looking for high heels

Guess what sissy, now that you like to dress up as a girl, you’ve opened yourself to a vast new world that is GIRL SHOPPING! Yay! A sissy loves to shop, apart from submitting to big huge cocks, this is her second favourite activity. Girly shopping is unlike male shopping in soooo many ways. Men have fewer options to choose from, and barely any accessories and different choices of clothing compared to women. Crossdressing will have you searching far and wide for that perfect crop top, that sexy pencil skirt, that insanely naughty bralette and of course the millions of cute pretty panties and sexy thongs. You will have so much fun building your own girly wardrobe, and each time you try on a new item the excitement and glee in doing so will be felt again each and every time.


Like all great hobbies, there is always a focus on something you can attain if you work for it. You can dress up in countless styles and explore a range of different girly personalities. Want to look like your favourite role model or a fictional character? Buy their outfits, adopt their makeup style! You can also enjoy being able to express your sissy secret in your day to day life; maybe wear panties during your daytime activities, painted toes and cute lingerie hidden under your day clothes. You can dress up and meet other crossdressers, and engage in a large and vibrant community!

Outside of sissyhood, life can be stressful and exhausting. Responsibilities can always become tiresome and tedious. Fortunately for you, crossdressing is fabulous way to escape the boundaries of life in a fun and arousing way! Crossdressing is a deeply sexual form of expression for sissy girls. Playing with yourself while dressed in sexy lingerie is like a happiness drug that helps to forget daily problems. The thought of a juicy cock fucking your mouth or thrusting inside your boy pussy is liberating and exciting. This makes you feel stronger and more recharged than ever. Now you can get that happier and stress-free sissy glow! You only need to ensure yourself: There is nothing wrong with crossdressing


sissy daddys girl on floor taking selfie

A true and content sissy girl understands that there is absolutely no shame in crossdressing, but instead the opposite; pride. A femboy loves herself and

 understands that her femininity is as a part of her colourful and broad identity which does not change or overwhelm any other part of her life. She dresses like a slut because she wants to! She acts and moves like a princess because she feels like it, and she enjoys it. She doesn’t care what people may think, because she knows how to live on her own terms! A sissy crossdresser transcends everything we know about conventional sexuality, sissies experience sex throughout the broad spectrum of human sexuality and all the more happier for it!  She doesnt fall victim to boring, restrictive social norms, she’s too good for them! If you have problem with it, but you embrace being a sissy and want to crossdress full time. I suggest joining Sissylover Sissy Academy.


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